Why Study in Italy?

    1. Multicultural country, dense of natural and historical resources and cultural heritage
    2. Amaong the 8 most industrialized countries in the world
    3. Milan, the capital of fashion, design ans style
    4. Schengen Country
    5. Masters & Phd programs available in English
    6. 20hours part time work allowed
    7. 6 months Internship period for students

Why Study in Politechnico Di Milano?

  1. 13th top European University
  2. Opportunity to live in the cradle of European culture
  3. Scholarships Availabe
  4. Ideal investment of your talet: 61 double degree agreements, competitive tuition & scholarships
  5. 51st among world Universities – Employer Reputation
  6. Best world for researchers
  7. Student Cultural & Sports Club available

Important facts about Politechnico Di Milano:

  1. Housing service helps in arranging house at Politechnico residences
  2. University provides advice on private accommodation with referrals
  3. Helps in processing documents for residence permit application and renewal
  4. New internship opportunities for students
  5. Help students in opening a bank account
  6. Corporate events are organized on weekly basis
  7. Provides career guidance to the students on weekly basis

Career opportunities:

After completing the overseas education from Italy, students can look for job opportunities in the various countries in Europe Eg: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France & Norway, UK, Ireland and other Non-European countries. 85% of the university students find jobs within fisrt 6 months after their completeion of studies.

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