Why Study in Latvia?

Latvian overseas edcuation offers a broad-based curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualification and skill that will serve as a spring broad to a brighter future. The capital of Latvia, Riga is famous for some ofthe best Art Nouveau architechtural in Europe. Studying in Latvia provides an opportunity for cross-cultural exposure and personal development. Latvia remains wonderful country for studies abroad in Europe.

Top Universities in Latvia:

  1. Riga Technical Uiversity(RTU)
  2. Turiba University
  3. BA School of Business & Finance
  4. LIEPAJA University
  5. REZEKNE University of Applied Sciences
  7. Latvia University of Agriculture
  8. Latvian Academy of Sports Eductaion
  9. DAUGAVPILS University
  10. RIESBA University
  12. RIGA Graduate School of Law

University Admission Requirements:

For Bachelors:

12th Pass in related streat with minimum 60% marks
OR 3 Year Govt. Polytechnic Diploma with miminum 60% marks

For Masters:

Succesfully completed 3 or 4 Year s Bachelor Degree in related field with minimum 60% marks

For Doctorate:

Succesfully completed Bachelor and Master Degree in relevant stream 9Miminum of 5 years studies) with detailed Research Proposal.

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