What is a visa interview?
Every student aspiring to go abroad for higher education has to undergo an interview for visa at the respective consulate of that country. The Students are interviewed by visa officers to evaluate whether the student is really interested in going abroad for educational purposes only by looking into the academic levels of the student to ensure that they will be able to manage their study in the respected country. The visa officer should be convinced that the student has sufficient finance for the education and he matches the immigration laws of the country.
The issuance or refusal of a visa is under the sole discretion of the interviewing authority. Once a visa is rejected for USA, the student can reappear after 3 days at the consulate for another interview. But again, issuance or refusal is according to the decision of the visa officer. They have to give proper reason as to why was the visa rejected and what would the student like to appeal for.
Student Career Counseling for Admission & Visa:

  • Country selection based on the students academics.
  • Course Selection & specialization to Masters Programs.
  • Guidance to Doctorate programs.
  • University Selection based on the students academics.
  • Processing applications to the university.
  • Proven Admissions success 100%.
  • Guidance on financial aspect towards VISA.
  • 100 % VISA Guidance.
  • VISA Guidance according to the country.
  • Pre – departure briefing after VISA ISSUANCES.
  • Travel Guidance & Advice.

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The Visa services starts with a detailed analysis of 1-20. A pre – defined set of documents is made ready and the exact requirements of students are identified on a personalized basis. This is followed by a mock interview.

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